Never before have two wads of paper been exactly the same.
So when you finish crumpling your lamp, it will be 100% unique. Mother Earth is important to us, which is why we produce our lamps locally in the Netherlands. This material is long lasting, easy to keep clean, and eventually recyclable for re-use.
To make sure that our lamp will never contribute to the global plastic soup, we came up with the following

Although we understand that it’s strange to start thinking about this when you have literally just received the lamp, new in the box. We really want you to know, that should you ever ( in the very distant future), decide to get rid of the lamp. Then we hereby offer to have it picked up so we can recycle it for you!
And although we are proud that our lamps are now sold in over 18 coun-tries, we understand that having them shiped back also contributes to CO2 emissions.
So for every 10 lamp that finds it’s way back to us, we plant a tree to compensate. 

click on the button to send us your adress and we will make an appointment to pick it up.

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