Vos Interieur: See eight 150cm proplamps in reality!

VOS Interieur beautified their showroom by

installing eight 150cm proplamps.

Below a picture.

 Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 22.38.54

Residence: Featuring Out of the Blue

Residence featured an article of Out of the Blue.

One of the proplamp retailers!

Click on the picture above to visit the full article.

Ziengs: Proplamp Interior by Vos Interieur

ZIENGS, a shoe retailer in the Netherlands, adopted the proplamp to beautify their newly restyled stores!

The restyling was done by VOS INTERIEUR, one of the proplamp shops.

ziengs I

ziengs III

Stelling Wonen: Presenting the proplamp

Stellingwonen is a  proplamp sales point.

See below how they present the proplamp in their store!

Stelling Wonen

Zaanweg 15-16-17, 1521 DJ Wormerveer 075 6281836 info@stellingwonen.nl

Designshops: Showing the proplamp

The designshops is showing the proplamp.

Check for more information about designshops on this link.

2014-09 @Designshops

To see the proplamp in real: Visit the Designshops Experience Center

Bergse Rechter Rottekade 1

3051 AB Rotterdam

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